I studied Computer Science at the University of Extremadura (Spain) and worked as a senior software engineer for a number of years, both within academia and in the private sector, mainly with startups in the fintech niche and for multinational corporations in the energy industry. I got a MSc in Computer Vision and Image Analysis at Kingston University (London, UK) and worked for Queen Mary University (London, UK) as a computer vision engineer. In 2021 I decided to undertake a career change and studied an MSc in Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management at the University of Barcelona (Spain). My thesis aimed to prove “ecological connectivity” for the European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) through a network of MPAs set along the northern coast of Catalonia and southern France, by using passive acoustic telemetry and graph theory. I then went to Sweden to get a master’s freestanding course in Principle of Fisheries Science at the Swedish University of Agriculture (Uppsala and Lysekil). I am currently working with data-poor fisheries and applying length-based methods to assess the status of several stocks exploited by Galician artisanal fleets. I have an interest in any marine living thing however I am specially focussed on fisheries stock assessment, fisheries and movement ecology, applied mathematics and technology.