I am currently a PostDoc fellow with a Juan de la Cierva-Formación grant from January 2023 to December 2025 at the IIM-CSIC (Vigo, Spain) investigating the microbiomes of multitrophic aquaculture systems including macroalgae and fish and/or mussels. I received my education at the University of Florence (Italy) with bachelor and master degrees in Agricultural Sciences and a PhD in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (March 2020). The PhD thesis dealt on the effects of innovative and more eco-friendly diets (containing insects or macroalgae) on salmonids lipid metabolism, gut microbiota and fillet quality. I was a PostDoc at the University of Florence from March 2021 to December 2022 and focused on aquaponics as a production fulfilling circular economy principles. I understood that sustainable intensification of aquaculture is the only way to increase aquaculture production without exploiting Planet Earth. This is the reason why I joined IIM-CSIC. I was a visiting researcher at the Life Sciences und Facility Management of the ZHAW (Switzerland) for aquaponics research, at Norwegian University of Applied Sciences (Norway) for fish nutrition and microbiota research, and at Italian research centres for gene expression and microbiota studies (FMACH, UNIVPM, CREA-ABP). My main research interests are aquaculture and microbiology. Strongly oriented to scientific research as well as to the applied implications of microbiological studies, the quality of commercially relevant aquatic species, and the environmental effect of anthropic activities.