• Make a diagnosis of the food risks prevalent in the cross-border region of Galicia-Northern Portugal. Assess the potential impact of the offer of new analytical tools in the prevention of food accidents. • Promote collaboration between the different actors in the agri-food chain through the establishment of a cross-border multidisciplinary network, capable of promoting greater competitiveness and international projection. • Develop new analytical sensors for screening some of the main food safety problems, namely for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), bacterial biofilms, allergens, mycotoxins and toxic microalgae, capable of supplying the deficiencies of the agri-food sector. The new sensors should be characterized by high levels of speed, sensitivity and specificity, the possibility of miniaturization and automation and the ability to provide results in real time. • Carry out an on-site demonstration of the analytical tools developed in the different sectors of the agri-food value chain, in order to assess their effectiveness and promote the "up-grades" that may prove necessary.