Global & Local

We seek to have a positive impact and recognition as an agent of change by applying different strategies adapted to the different contexts in which we work.

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Sustainable & Respectful

The sustainable management of marine resources and ecosystems is at the base of the IIM. Thus, we will always consider the respect for the environment, scientific ethics and animal welfare in our actions.

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Unbiased & Trustworthy

The scientific method guarantees the objectivity of our progress. In this sense, our science is impartial and is committed not to be affected by personal economic or ideological interests.

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We are part of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and, as such, our center belongs to society, to whom it is accountable and at whom our services are aimed. Our science has a public-service vocation.

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Open & Innovative

We have a commitment to Open Science. Our activity is guided by the FAIR principles, ensuring a wider accessibility and transparency of the results and a higher efficiency of the resources we use.

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Critical Culture

We foster science as another form of culture, following the concepts of UNESCO's Ocean Literacy. After our work is published, the results must be shared both inside and outside the scientific community.

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Transversal & Diverse

Transversality defines us. We work against the stereotypes, privileges and discrimination that weigh down scientific careers and vocations and build walls between us and society.

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