• Software | GOVOCITOS

    Govocitos is a free image analysis software that allows for easy and accurate determination of reproductive parameters in fish based on histological images. Although designed to estimate fish fertility, its applications are expandable to other counting, measurement and classification problems (i.e. pollen count, oncology and cytology, etc.).

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  • Capabilities | Fisheries stock assessment using traditional and molecular ecology approaches

    Development of stock assessment models to estimate fish population status and Maximum Sustainable Yields for fisheries, based on fishing pressure data and population dynamics parameters (abundance, distribution, age, fecundity, etc.) obtained using traditional approaches and -omic techniques, which allow for a much higher spatial resolution. 


  • Capabilities | Assessment of the survival of fisheries by-catch and fish spatial ecology using biotelemetry techniques

    Use of acoustic tags and biotelemetry techniques to monitor fish behavior and assess the survival of fisheries by-catch.


  • Prototype | iObserver: On-board electronic monitoring system for catch identification and quantification

    iObserver is an innovative monitoring device based on automated video monitoring coupled with artificial intelligence developments for visual recognition and quantification of the catches on board fishing vessels.

    iObserver implements a continuous image recording system adaptable to different fishing vessels and deep learning algorithms to automatically identify and quantify catches on board in real time.

    iObserver focuses mainly on developing algorithms for robust automatic species recognition and size estimation of fish transported on a conveyor belt. Trials have been performed on board Spanish oceanographic vessels and commercial vessels. With over 300 days at sea, iObserver was used in more than 1000 hauls and took more than 200,000 pictures, and 17 species have already been included in the system's catalogue.  

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  • Capabilities | Pathogen incidence and risk assessment

    Pathogen detection and identification in wild and farmed animals, as well as in seafood products. Evaluation of the relationship between pathogen incidence and various environmental and physiological aspects to provide risk assessments for target pathogens.

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