Short bio

Marta López Cabo. I got my PhD in Biology by the University of Santiago de Compostela (1998). I work as a Senior researcher in the Marine Research Institute (IIM) since 2006. I am the Head of the Microbiology and Technology of Marine Products since 2010. During the last decade, our research interest was focused in the unravelling of the biology of L. monocytogenes biofilms. Some of the questions we try to respond with our research are related to how this food pathogenic strain lives in nature, how it associates with another species, how it can resist to different external stresses and finally, how can we avoid its presence in food industry surfaces. Nowadays, coordinating the Galician Emerging Food Safety Risks Network (RISEGAL). Concurrently, I am interesting in the identification of emerging food safety risks impulsed by climate change in order to foresee mitigation strategies. I usually participate in numerous outreach activities. My research activity has rendered 54 (34Q1) scientific articles, 3 patents (one under exploitation between 2007-2015). I have supervised 4 Ph.D Thesis and 9 M.S.c Thesis. She has attended numerous international and national conferences. I am a Member of the Spanish Emerging Risk Networking (coordinated by AECOSAN) and I participate as an Expert in the European Laboratory of Marine Biotoxins since 2020.

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