An initial period of 2 years as a laboratory technician (histology, biochemistry) was the first step of my scientific career in the Ecology and Marine Resources Fisheries group. In finish my PhD, on th the study of bioenergetics of reproduction in exploited species, in 2011. Duting this period I had the opportunity to participate in various research projects (national and international) working on a a wide variety of species, ecosystems and fleets (Mediterranean/Atlantic, artisanal/industrial/recreational, etc.). I have collaborated with the autonomous management bodies for fisheries evaluation and management purposes, analyzing fishing-dependent data from the Galician artisanal fleet. Given the importance of the spatial component in coastal artisanal fleets, I have incorporated into my research lines the study of the spatial ecology and behavior of coastal species using acoustic telemetry techniques, being the principal investigator of several projects (TAC, DESTAC, iGENTAC). I am an active member of the European Tracking Network, managing the biggest fixed acoustic array in the northwest of Spain.

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