After my Bachelor's Degree in Biology and the Master's Degree in Aquaculture, I began to participate in campaigns on board oceanographic vessels and on board fishing vessels. For almost a decade, I was trained in the morphological identification of marine species and the collection of biological samples for different studies, recording of biological information and oceanographic data, and in the coordination of sampling by observers. During this period, my scientific curiosity progressively increased, questions arising that led to the beginning of the study of my Doctoral Thesis, focused on the field of genomics and Molecular taxonomy in different species of elasmobranchs and fish. Giving knowledge in different methods of DNA and RNA extraction, preparation of samples and libraries for massive sequencing and Sanger, sequence analysis and management of genomic databases. Thanks to a research stay at the CIIMAR in Porto, I acquired knowledge in the field of transcriptomics and mitochondrial DNA. However, molecular biology is not my only passion, I worked in the cetacean field developing and testing cetacean bycatch mitigation techniques by the pair trawl fleet, participating in cetacean scientific surveys and participation in international Working groups and workshops.