The AquaVitae project is a consortium of 36 partners from Europe and countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean. They are working towards sustainable aquaculture production and the development of new low trophic species in aquaculture value chains, including macroalgae, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA), shellfish, echinoderms and finfish. Research activities will cover the whole aquaculture value chain, from analyzing market potential of new products to the policy framework. Possible impacts on the environment will be monitored, including the development of new sensors. AquaVitae plans to set up an industry and research network with particular attention on social responsibility and community outreach. Expecting to influence industry and society long-term, the project’s partners also plan to design good practice standards and provide training programs for specialists and the public, focusing on a circular economy and the zero-waste approach.

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