Short bio

Dr. Mónica Carrera is a Tenured Scientist at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Received her PhD in Biology with the highest mark (Sobresaliente cum laude) and Honors (Award to the best PhD Thesis) at the IIM-CSIC in 2008 in the field of Proteomics and seafood authenticity and quality. During 2008-2013 was working in the Proteomics and Systems Biology group headed at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology (IMSB, ETH Zürich, Switzerland) in the field of Proteomics and Systems Biology for food safety and immune T cells. In 2015 as a Food Proteomics Senior Researcher was invited by the company Thermo Fisher Scientific (San Jose, CA, USA) to work in its Food Proteomics facilities in the field of food safety. Dr. Carrera is an international recognized expert in Advanced Proteomics and Molecular Systems Biology in the context of Food Safety and Food Allergy. Currently Dr. Carrera leads as IP the SYS-ALLERGOMICS project: Proteomics and structural-based systems biology of fish allergy in raw and processed seafood. Spanish AEI/EU-FEDER Reference: PID2019-103845RB-C21.

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