I am Research Professor of OPI. In 1984 I joined to IIM-CSIC (1988, PhD: budget of C, N, P and Si in a ria-system), next Chemical Oceanographer in CSIC (1990, Tenure Scientist). I tackle the biogeochemical cycles focusing on the study of the land-sea exchanges quantifying the biogeochemical fluxes across boundaries (terrestrial, atmospheric, benthic, oceanic and anthropogenic) of the coastal systems and, recently, the imprint of the “Anthropocene”. From 1984 I tackle the nutrient cycles, from 1997 the trace elements biogeochemistry, and from 2007 the rare earth elements too. Invited editor in journals and books (7) and coauthor in book articles (14) and books (2)*, and 200 articles (167 SCI) mainly about coastal systems on nutrients, trace elements and rare earth elements in Galician rias, Chilean fjord, Arctic estuaries, Pacific Mexican lagoons, Galicia upwelling during Holocene, metal sea-spill from Prestige oil-tanker shipwreck. Coordinator/scientist of 22 EU and Spanish projects, on board 20 cruises (?400 days at sea): Iberian Atlantic Margin, South Indian Ocean, Weddell and White Seas, Galician coast. In those studies cooperate in multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional projects with Spanish and foreign scientist (Portuguese, English, Russian, French and Ibero-American, mainly). Professor (2009-2015) in 5 Master & Postgraduate Studies in the Univ. of Vigo. Often I participle in divulgating oceanography and environmental chemistry to society (secondary school, radio, press and TV) and written popular science articles for science magazines.

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