In love with the sea, personally and professionally. My vocation begins devouring documentaries since I was a child. In the academic field, I finished my PhD at the University of A Coruña, on the ecological and fisheries characterization of a marine protected area, in 2015. My passion for saltwater has led me to train also in a more technical field, and therefore, I am a professional diver (also recreational) and recreational boat skipper. I also have extensive technical training in the field of nautical-fishing. During my professional career I have worked in the three Galician universities (University of A Coruña, University of Vigo and University of Santiago de Compostela), as well as in the University Foundation of A Coruña. I have done research stays at the University of Murcia, the University of Açores and several NGOs in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. I have participated in multiple research projects, always related to marine ecology, conservation and management of marine resources, artisanal fisheries and marine protected areas. On the other hand, I have worked as an aquarist in several private aquariums, as well as a scientific disseminator in the private sector.